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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Nude Law

No doubt you've all seen the nude photo of Jude Law making the rounds today. No? You haven't. Well, here you go ladies. At any rate, I find it interesting that everyone's passing this around and some people are even analyzing his naughty bits ... outside, naked, no shrinkage (yeah, I mean you, Robb)... and no one seems to feel much like they're doing anything wrong (and believe me, i did my fair share of forwarding). Thing is, I'd never think of doing that with a nude photo of a woman, not because I wouldn't want to type out something like "How deep do you think that thing is?", but rather because if I got busted doing that, I'd probably lose my job.


  • I actually think, in that case, you may call yourself "enlightened" because in my years working with mostly all guys in a male-dominated field (law enforcement)any picture of a woman was up for grabs in the comments department, whether it was against policy or not.

    But that's really beside the point. Don't average people know that the male package isn't large unless it's erect? Didn't anybody stay awake through their sex-ed class?

    By Anonymous jessica_deva, at 7:28 PM  

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