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Thursday, September 01, 2005


The blogosphere today is conducting a concerted effort to raise money for victims of Katrina. I'm going to suggest donating be made to the American Red Cross or America's Second Harvest. I'm a secular kind of guy and it will go well with the 10K I won for them at that Hold 'Em tournament earlier this year. I've never received any money through my PayPal button, but any money sent in through PayPal for the time being will be donated to the American Red Cross.

If you want to donate to a specific charity for relgious or other reasons, go to Instapundit and just start scrolling. He's got them all listed there. FEMA's list of recommended charities is here.

Incidentally, here is FEMA's Louisiana news page.

For folks in New York, I've talked to a couple of people and we're going to try to get some sort of benefit going as soon as possible. On CNN this morning Wynton Marsalis said he and some others will play a relief show, called Higher Ground, at Jazz at Lincoln Center on Sept. 17. No info on the site as of yet, but keep checking in.

Much more Katrina stuff on my other blog.


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