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Friday, February 10, 2006

I Left My Heart in ...

Love@AOL has conducted a nationwide poll of best dating cities. Guess which Capital of the World isn't among them. Now, that COULD be because New York is a great place to catch the clap, but not Mr. or Ms. Right. Or it could be that about seven people in NYC would even think of participating in an AOL survey. I'll leave that up to you to decide.

But if you're living in Atlanta, then you're in luck. It comes in at No. 1.

Apparently, good, southern romance is the way to an Atlanta single’s heart. Sixty-four percent of first dates there start with dinner, and 80 percent of first dates end with a kiss. Afterward, singles can expect 56 percent of singles there to call within the next two days, and 34 percent of singles there have never used a break-up line.

Los Angeles comes in at No. 2, Houston at No. 3. For the rest of the list, follow the link.

There's also a more general survey, in which we learn, fellas, that you being a shiftless, unemployed hipster (i.e. "freelancer," "musician," or "artist") is indeed an issue. (Life lesson learned? Get a job.)

And women? Yeah, it's true. We don't like you once you get old. Sorry.

Found this interesting, though. Best place to line up a date?

Women Find:
- 24% From Friends & Family
- 15% Online
- 15% At Work

Men Find:
- 18% Online
- 18% From Friends & Family
- 14% At Work

Take that, losers!

But this was my favorite. What are you most likely to lie about?

- 78% Would Never Lie
- 6% Physical Appearance Such As Weight
- 6% Interests Such As Hobbies

- 71% Would Never Lie
- 7% Interests Such As Hobbies
- 6% Career or Job

What does this prove? That over 70% of both men and women are lying.

At least the guys had the class to tell the truth about what first attracts them:

First Attraction
Women Like:
- 32% Sense of Humor
- 19% Physical Appearance/Body
- 14% Caring/Sensitivity

Men Like:
- 32% Physical Appearance/Body
- 24% Beautiful Face/Eyes
- 16% Sense of Humor

Absent from the women's list? Money! (Remember... being unemployed is their biggest issue. And there's no way you're joking your way out of that one, sparky.)

And, finally, proving my suspicion that not many New Yorkers took this survey?

The right time to have sex? Women: - 40% One to Three Months

MONTHS?!? All the New York women I know are firm believers in the three-DATE rule. ... if they can even hold out that long. (Hell, they can even be convinced that staying out past midnight counts as a second date.)


  • so yes, people lie in order to get laid. since when we need statistics to establish that?
    they should put together a questionaire to find out why we lie about these things. I bet that would be useful in fixing some of the dating rituals in our society.

    By Blogger silvia, at 11:09 PM  

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