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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Good vs Evil

Read this post by Fish, in which she finds she's got the hots for French soccer player Headbutty McButt (I think his momz was Scottish) after he gets all aggro on a fellow soccer player, then read some of the comments.

Here you have classic examples of people saying what they really think and people saying what they think they're supposed to think.

In this case, a woman is turned on by a play of Alpha Male kick ass. I'd venture to say that ALL hetero women are turned on by this ... if only for a split second. Much of the population, however, has been taught that violence is wrong. And some people try very hard to believe that. But, with Fish, all that learning didn't stick (which is what makes her a writer worth reading).

This isn't a gender-specific thing by any means. You'll always have one straight guy in the bunch swearing that a hot greased up chick in a bikini humping a poll does absolutely nothing for him.

Note, I'm not talking about selection of life-partners here or other more nuanced things. I, for example find the strip club EXPERIENCE depressing for any variety of reasons (drugged out chicks, pathetic guys hoping they can "turn" one of the strippers). What I'm talking about is straight up hotness. About that certain something that goes right to your primal core and makes you want to risk public indecency violations by ripping off your clothes and tapping that ass right there on a street corner or in the family room.

Some folks like to pretend these urges don't exist. They tisk-tisk and tut-tut and speak of responsibility and doing what's right.

Some folks realize they exist and aren't overly concerned about.

And still other folks admit publicly they exist and have no qualms with saying something like, "I know Britney's a skank, but I'd totally hit it. Just to do it" or "I know he's a knuckle-dragging troglogdyte, but seeing him whoop up on an Italian fancy boy just makes me want to ride him hard and put him away wet."

Now, of those types of people, whose blog would you rather read? Who would you rather hang out with on a Friday night?

UPDATE: How NOT to be the alpha male of her dreams.


  • Great post. My boyfriend is totally an alpha male, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Sometimes he can get a bit "bull in the china shop" about things, but when I'm with him, there is no confusion about who the man is in the relationship. I know he'd kick the ass of anyone who tried to harm me or my kids, and I like knowing that.

    Even my kids like it.

    There were shots fired in our neighborhood the other night, and my daughter ran into my room and asked if I'd call him and invite him over. The idea of having him there made her feel safer. That's what it means to be with an alpha male...

    By Blogger Spill The Beans, at 4:34 PM  

  • dude the fact that people think what butthead did was violent just boggles my mind. i experienced more violence as an 8 year old girl at music camp.

    By Blogger PN, at 2:40 PM  

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