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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Adrienne Shelly Foundation Established

It's not often that I run press releases here and I think the only time I ever hit yall up for money was after Katrina, but I'm going to post this here. Adrienne Shelly was killed earlier this month. I'll just say that Adrienne was a friend of Susan's and came through for Susan in a big way when Susan needed an apartment a few years back. Judging by how heart-breaking the memorial service was, Adrienne more than made her mark on on those around her. So, if you have a buck or two.


Mandate to include Womens' Filmmaking Scholarship Fund

(New York - November 14th) The Adrienne Shelly Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the memory of Writer/Director/Actress Adrienne Shelly, is being founded by her husband, Andy Ostroy. Plans include a Womens' Filmmaking Scholarship Fund, with a particular emphasis on awarding film school scholarships and helping women make the transition from acting to directing. "I know what Adrienne would want most would be to help women get a chance to pursue their dream," says Ostroy. More initiatives from the foundation will be announced at a later date.

Those wanting to contribute can send checks made out to THE ADRIENNE SHELLY FOUNDATION, via Belardi/Ostroy LLC, 16 West 22nd Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10010. Checks should be post-dated December 15th, until the legal status of the Foundation is finalized

Shelly, who first became known as an actor for her teamings with director Hal Hartley on "The Unbelievable Truth" and "Trust," recently appeared in "Factotum." She wrote and directed three feature films in which she acted, "Sudden Manhattan," "I'll Take You There," and the soon-to-be-seen "Waitress." She also appeared in over twenty other films.


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