The Nondating Life

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Your Recommended Daily Allowance of Crazy

UPDATE... I had my links messed up below. It's now since been fixed. The daily dose of insanity can be found here.

I've got nothing to say. Really. I'm too busy pursuing other interests that MIGHT get me paid or some such. That, and it's football season. That and Giada has a new travel show, which a) has her walking on a Miami beach in a bikini top and glistening with salt spray from a jet-ski ride and b) makes me feel like I'm watching porn in front of my girlfriend.

But fret not. If you're jonesing for pure, unadulterated dating-life insanity, there's a newish blog on the block. I say newish because it was a for-yours-eyes only sort of affair until recently, but now it's open to the public. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always nuts ... it literally is all out of normal.