The Nondating Life

Monday, June 25, 2007

Jews for the Confederacy

Read this book! It's called the Landsman, and it was written by my good friend Peter Melman. Set during the Civil War and in New Orleans and various battlefields, it follows young Elias Abrams.

Since I usually suck at describing books, I'll let Publishers Weekly help me out: 'A barely literate hard-bitten gambler and petty criminal, Elias Abrams, the 20-year-old cardsharp hero of Melman's solid debut, flees hometown New Orleans (and a bogus murder charge), joins the Confederate Army and realizes "every circumstance of his life now conspires to kill him."'

And then he goes and falls in love. We all know how that usually works out.

For those who'd mistakenly think this is just some weird writerly device -- having a Jew fight for the Confederacy -- there were a few thousand in fighting for Gen'l Lee back in the day. (But don't tell Jesse Jackson. He's already anti-Semitic enough.)

But if you like historical fiction, poker, violence and practically an entire chapter detailing oral sex, then this is the book for you!

So pick up the book.

Monday, June 18, 2007

A Vote for Homesick Texan Is a Vote for Yourself

Please go to this poll and vote for Homesick Texan. It's a food blogger type thing. You like food don't you. And she's the only person in this area who I wouldn't go head-to-head with in a chili competition -- because I don't like losing and she'd kill me. Anyway, go vote for her. You can win a trip for two for yourself as well! If you're the sort who HAS to see the blog before voting, here it is.