The Nondating Life

Monday, July 31, 2006

Another Dating Blog

Okay, stop the presses or whatever the blog equivalent is. Remember how not too long ago, I threw up a post after months of silence and, among other things I said: "I know some folk who are back on the dating scene after long relationships and no doubt that will provide me with tons of laughs material." (Yes, I still love to quote myself.)

Well, Susan (formerly known as GF) is not only bogarting my psychotic newly-single friends, she's trying to bite my dating blog-scene. Better still, she's telling MY friends to go ahead and date tank-top-wearing, gold-chain-sporting guidos or some such. Anyway, here's HER blog. (And this time around she's doing more than listing the foods she's stuffing down her piehole. Yeah, that one is still going strong. Hasn't skipped a day. Just as she's never skipped a meal.)

I guess I'm going to have to start blogging again just to undo the damage she does. I was half tempted to just let her post here, but my ego got the better of me. Besides, we have completely different approaches to dating. (The biggest difference being my approach is right and hers is, well, what's the opposite of right?)

All you have to do is get a load of her blog's title. Dating is Fun. FUN!?!?!
Sure, if you're dating me maybe :)

Dear lord, I just used an emoticon.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Date Movie of the Year

Coming this Christmas. Murph's got the goods.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I've never used the dating service Mate 1. But I was once briefly tempted to some naughty thoughts by one of the sultry vixens the company uses for its ads.

Then I noticed her abnormally huge, slightly discolored boobs. And not only were her boobs not quite the same color as the rest of her body, but her shirt seemed to go from real-world color to an HTML color in the breast area. That's right, it's not enough that an online dating service is going to use a super-sexy woman to advertise its service, but it feels the need to enhance the woman. Example?

See how her back and her arm look perfectly normal? But her chest? It would seem that at that angle, her boobs are slightly larger than her head. So not only is it a photoshop, it's a sloppy photoshop done by someone who obviously couldn't pass one of those Can You Draw me turtle/pirate art courses.

I've never checked the site out. Maybe it's specifically for former super models with abnormal growths. But I doubt it.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Good vs Evil

Read this post by Fish, in which she finds she's got the hots for French soccer player Headbutty McButt (I think his momz was Scottish) after he gets all aggro on a fellow soccer player, then read some of the comments.

Here you have classic examples of people saying what they really think and people saying what they think they're supposed to think.

In this case, a woman is turned on by a play of Alpha Male kick ass. I'd venture to say that ALL hetero women are turned on by this ... if only for a split second. Much of the population, however, has been taught that violence is wrong. And some people try very hard to believe that. But, with Fish, all that learning didn't stick (which is what makes her a writer worth reading).

This isn't a gender-specific thing by any means. You'll always have one straight guy in the bunch swearing that a hot greased up chick in a bikini humping a poll does absolutely nothing for him.

Note, I'm not talking about selection of life-partners here or other more nuanced things. I, for example find the strip club EXPERIENCE depressing for any variety of reasons (drugged out chicks, pathetic guys hoping they can "turn" one of the strippers). What I'm talking about is straight up hotness. About that certain something that goes right to your primal core and makes you want to risk public indecency violations by ripping off your clothes and tapping that ass right there on a street corner or in the family room.

Some folks like to pretend these urges don't exist. They tisk-tisk and tut-tut and speak of responsibility and doing what's right.

Some folks realize they exist and aren't overly concerned about.

And still other folks admit publicly they exist and have no qualms with saying something like, "I know Britney's a skank, but I'd totally hit it. Just to do it" or "I know he's a knuckle-dragging troglogdyte, but seeing him whoop up on an Italian fancy boy just makes me want to ride him hard and put him away wet."

Now, of those types of people, whose blog would you rather read? Who would you rather hang out with on a Friday night?

UPDATE: How NOT to be the alpha male of her dreams.